We would like to thank all of these amazing people. Without them, and a ton of therapy, there would be no show.

Jason Frulani, Brian Casey, Nate Charles Troisi, Greg Kiernan, Fransis Holland, Vanessa Arnim, Kevin Bohl, Rosie Schaap, Kendra Cunningham, Jon Vitarellii, The Bitchy Waiter, Dave Horowitz, Tom Vaught, Christine Holt, Robert Attenweiler, Katherine Heller, Christopher Michaels, Rob Gelardi, Eva Scanlan, Christopher Maring, Marylin Graman, Audrey Rosenberg, Mike Breskin, Kimberlee Auerbach Berlin, Kathy Fitzgerald, Linda Bianchi, Kings County Distillery, The Roebling Inn, The Magician, Waterfront Wines, Greenhook Gin, David Hart, Amanda M., Betsy G., Candace C, Christina B, David S, Glenn L, Jim G, Karen S, Ken C, Larry B, Lauren T, Mark D, Matt C, Michael F, Miki E, Ryan D, Shira A, Todd D, Vance V, William Miguel and everyone who contributed to all of the fundraising efforts. I am forever in your debt.

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