NY Press

“The story was told heart-breakingly well, I would return again just to see Terri transform the black-box theater into a bar at the peak of happy-hour on the Lower East Side. This is not one to miss.”
Sarin West – Times Square Chronicles
“Phil Palazzolo and David Hart’s sound design is masterful; the bustling bar, and the pouring and shaking of drinks, are not only fully audible but perfectly timed.”

Eleanor J. Bader, Theatre Is Easy
“Ingenious sound design of Phil Palazzolo… Michael Leeds’ high-speed direction… deft lighting by Jason Fok… Last Call is a straight, no-chaser serving of one woman’s truth; you’ll never look at your bartender the same way again.”
David Barbour, Lighting and Sound
“Not only does she provide an insightful view, for the uninitiated, into NYC bar culture, but more importantly into the soul of someone, like so many of us, trying to find a small slice of peace and order in a chaotic life.”

JK Clarke – Theater Pizzazz

“The play skillfully unfolds”

ELJ Off Broadway Reviews

“[At] Last Call, you’ll feel like the end came a little too quickly–not so dissimilar to the experience of nursing a drink, at the end of the night, at your favorite local bar.”

Natalie Rinn – Brooklyn Magazine
“Energy focused is a remarkable thing to see. Terri Girvin in her one-woman show is a prime example… she is truly a remarkable performer.”

Patricia Norris – Woman Around Town
“Michael Leeds has done an exemplary job of directing…As a result of Terri Girvin’s writing and performing, the extraordinary sound design, perceptive direction and excellent support from all involved, the attention of the audience never wanders for a moment. It’s a fabulous evening”

Patricia Norris – Woman Around Town
“Anyone who has spent time in a NYC dive bar, particularly in Greenwich Village, recognizes Terri Girvin. She’s a brassy, no-nonsense young woman whose regard vacillates between tender and tough-as-nails, as circumstance dictates….”

JK Clarke – Theater Pizzazz

Audience Quotes

“It’s funny and sad and most of all will make you love Terri even more.”

Natalie Rinn

“Run to see this amazing show”

Max Ryan

“My friends in NY…don’t miss this amazing work by Terri Girvin – she is beyond amazing!”

Trishia Bazzerman
“If you are in, or near, NYC, see this show. If you’re in the service industry, see this show. If you’ve ever been to a bar, see this show. If you have a mother, see this show. Terri Girvin is a delight and this work should be seen.”

Kevin Bohl
“I heavily recommend all my stateside friends, family and acquaintances to catch this fantastic one-woman show, written and perfomed by Terri Girvin.”

Kirsty Vitarelli
“GO SEE THIS SHOW! It’s in its final week, and I can’t put into words how funny and moving Terri is in this show she wrote from her heart…”

Carrie Jordan
“A must see! I highly recommend. Terri Girvin does an amazing performance.”

Brent Brookhart
“Brilliant performance by Terri Girvin”

Danny Bazzerman
I loved the show! Terri was hilarious! I completely forgot that she was on stage alone the entire time!!”

Christian Miller
“It was really a phenomenal experience, that we were talking about for days after. The technical aspect alone was just amazing but even more impressive was the story and your work and the humor and poignancy you brought to it. It was really touching and moving…”

John Golaszewski

Florida Press

“A well-oiled and intricate ballet”
Bill Hirschman – Florida Theater on Stage
“An absolutely vital and superb sound design”
Christine Dolan – Miami Herald
“A terrific piece of theater”
Bill Hirschman – Florida Theater on Stage
“This intricately choreographed piece dives headfirst into deeper waters”
Rod Stafford – Sun Sentinel
“She’s small, bouncy, and has the chops to deal fluidly with the non stop action required of a busy barkeep whose phone never stops ringing.”
Ron Levitt – Floria Media News/ENV Magazine

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